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Why Take Kayaking Lessons?

Most people simply assume that all that is involved in kayaking is jumping in the boat and paddling away. While that will get you by and at some level can be called kayaking, that isn’t exactly the most efficient way to go about things. Kayaking in general involves a whole host of strokes, maneuvers, and interactions between the paddler, the boat, and the kayak paddle.

The only way to learn even the simplest of techniques such as carrying your kayak, getting into your kayak, and how to hold a kayak paddle is for someone else to show you. That goes even double for more complex techniques such as that of the forward stroke, the draw stroke, or even how to roll your kayak. And all of that doesn’t even mention the water and kayaking safety knowledge that one must adhere to.

Of course, having a friend introduce you to the sport of kayaking is probably the most enjoyable way of going about learning these things. Still, there are a variety of other things that you may not get from your friends. Furthermore, you may end up picking up their bad habits or shortcuts unique to them. It is for all of these reasons that one should consider taking kayaking lessons, even if the person is already a novice paddler.


5 Things New Kayakers Never Knew they Needed to Learn

Of course, anyone getting into kayaking knows they need to learn some things. They need to learn how to use the paddle, stay balanced in the kayak, and how to turn. These things are obvious. There are a number of things, however, that most kayakers never think about until they are faced with having to do them. Here is a list of five such things:

  1. How to get into the kayak

  2. How to get out of the kayak

  3. How to carry a kayak

  4. How to tie a kayak to a roof rack

  5. Where to put their kayak at their home

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