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When to Start Kayaking With Children

Have you ever wondered what age is too young to kayak with your child?

Well, I can tell you that I've had my son in the kayak with me as early as the age of 2. So, no age is really too young.

There are three keys to beginning to take a child kayaking.

1) Make sure you are a competitant kayaker and are comfortable in the kayak by yourself. If you are unstable solo in the boat it will only get worse once you have a child in there with you.

2) Make sure your child is wearing a PFD (lifejacket). This is not negotiable. Safety must be maintained at all times.

3) Make sure your child is having a good time. Stay close to shore in case they want to get out. Help them enjoy the sport without pressuring them. Let them touch the water and hold the paddle.

Start them young and in no time at all you'll have a paddling buddy to go kayaking with.

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