New Kayaking Gear vs. Used Kayaking Gear

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New Kayaking Gear vs. Used Kayaking Gear

Getting into any sport can be expensive. Kayaking is no exception. Getting fully outfitted with new kayaking gear can easily come with a price tag in the thousands. Used kayaking gear on the other hand can be acquired for just a few hundred dollars. So which is best?

The decision to buy new kayaking gear instead of used kayaking gear, or vice versa, is dependent on a host of factors. Of course price is a major concern. The condition of the used equipment is an important thing to check out. Also, the age and features of the used kayak and gear should come into play. Ultimately, if you find some used gear that is significantly cheaper than buying new, if it is in good shape, and it is not too outdated or missing any of the latest innovations then you should buy used.



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