Storing Your Kayaking Gear

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Storing Your Kayaking Gear

It is quite common to not give any thought to storing your kayaking gear. Most people just throw it somewhere in their garage and gather it back up the next time they need to go kayaking, hoping they can find it all and that it is still in working condition. While this may be the norm, there is a better way.

Before storing your kayaking gear, be sure it is dry and clean from debris. Storing gear while it is still wet is a sure way to secure a funky smell for your future kayaking trip. A laundry rack, a clothesline, or hooks in a garage are a good way to hang your stuff up. Once your kayaking gear is dry, fold it up compactly and place it in either a duffel bag or a Rubbermaid that is big enough to fit all of the gear you use each time. Most kayakers have a slew of extra kayaking gear that they don't use regularly or are just extras. This should be placed in its own storage device for easy retrieval.

Storing your kayaking gear in this way will help ensure that you don't forget anything on your next trip. It will also save you money in the long run by preserving your gear for longer and by protecting it while it is stored.



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