Kayak or Canoe?

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Kayak or Canoe?

When many people decide to get into paddling, they do so with a type of boat already in mind. They know whether they want to kayak or canoe. Unfortunately, more often than not, this decision is based on not much more than what they’ve seen others doing or on their preconceived ideas about each sport.

There are pros and cons to both canoeing and kayaking and one or the other may be better suited to an individual’s needs. Any person interested in getting into kayaking or canoeing would do well to do some research to ensure they get into the sport best suited to them.

Some of the questions that one should consider when deciding between canoeing and kayaking are whether or not they will be padding alone or with someone else, if they need to carry a lot of gear or not, and what type of paddling is frequently done in the area where they live.

Canoes are very well suited for two paddlers, carrying lots of gear, and leisurely paddles. Kayaks are better when paddled solo, are very maneuverable, and fast. Of course, these are just rules of thumb but they should be followed by people just getting into the sport.



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