Know Directions on a Kayak

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Know Directions on a Kayak

It is important to know some things about your kayak and direction on a kayak to make sure you can communicate with other boaters both on and off the water.

Kayakers tend to use typical nautical terms to define parts of their boat. For instance the bow refers to the front of the kayak while the stern is the rear. This is normal nomenclature for kayakers. This pattern is not however used to refer to the sides of the kayak. The right side is simply the right side and the left side is the left side, not the starboard or aft sides. Right and left are from the perspective of the person sitting in the kayak, not from the person looking at it.

Knowing these simple terms can make life a whole lot easier for you and anyone you are speaking with when you're loading or unloading a kayak from a roof rack, when speaking of where and how to launch your kayak, and just simply during conversation on the water.



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