Kayak or Canoe (Part 2)?

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Kayak or Canoe (Part 2)?

While kayaking is one of the fastest growing outdoor activities, there are some reasons why a person may want to canoe instead. There are pros and cons to both canoes and kayaks. The trick is to find out which paddle sport best suits the individual paddler’s needs.
In general kayaks are more maneuverable and are propelled with a double-bladed paddle. This makes them easier initially for the beginner to get in and paddle. While tandem kayaks are available, kayaks are the ideal type of boat for a single paddler. The downside to kayaks are that they have limited load capacity and some models might not be too stable.
Canoes on the other hand are often larger than kayaks and are most conveniently paddled with two people in the canoe. While canoes aren’t as maneuverable as kayaks, in most cases they will hold more gear. They are also generally more stable and provide paddlers with more room to move around within the boat.
Really, the choice whether to canoe or kayak depends on the individual needs of the paddler. This brief article really just speaks in generalities as boat design has improved and at times blurred the lines between kayaks and canoes. In the end the only bad choice is to not paddle at all.



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