The Hand of God Kayak Rescue

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The Hand of God Kayak Rescue

All kayakers need to be prepared to assist in the rescue of a flipped boater. In most cases the kayaker who flips over will either attempt to roll back up or will wet-exit the kayak. In those rare cases where neither is possible for whatever reason, it will become necessary for someone to help the upside-down kayaker to get back to the surface. This is when it is crucial to know the Hand of God Kayak Rescue.

While this rescue is simple, it should be practiced beforehand.

1) Paddle over to the flipped kayaker and bring your kayak alongside of theirs.

2) Lean across their upside-down kayak and grab the other side of it around the kayak cockpit.

3) Pull the kayak toward you in a rolling motion to help roll the kayak back over.

4) As the person surfaces, grab their pfd (lifejacket) to help get them all the way back up.



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